I write character-driven dark fiction.
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Greetings and salutations, readers and writers! My name is Rob Smales, and this is my website; a place for stories to be told and talked about, and for me to occasionally pat myself on the back for getting something published. 

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Frank Errington, longtime reviewer for Cemetery Dance, passed away due to complications arising from a surgical procedure. He'd been on the waiting list for a viable kidney for quite some time.

Frank touched hundreds of lives, many of them the very writers he was reviewing. A truly sweet guy with an incredible attitude, whether writing a favorable review or not, he remained aware there was a person attached to the work he was reading, and always found something positive to say.

One of Us will feature works by J.F. Gonzalez , Lee Murray, Alan Baxter, Todd Keisling, Kenneth W. Cain, Christopher Golden, Catherine Cavendish, T. Fox Dunham, Anthony Rapino, Jason Parent and Kevin Rego, Jonathan Maberry, Jeremy Hepler, doungjai gam, John McNee, Rob Smales, Josh Malerman, P.D. Cacek, Wesley Southard, Mark Allan Gunnells, Matt Bechtel, Jeff Strand, Michelle Garza,  Melissa Lason, John Boden, Paul F. Olson, Kealan Patrick Burke, Terry M. West, Paul Tremblay, Kelli Owen, Shane Douglas Keene, Joshua Viola, Robert Ford, Mercedes M. Yardley, Tim Meyer, Greg Chapman, Chad Lutzke, Geoff Brown, Tom Deady, Somer Canon, Douglas Wynne, Tony Tremblay, Alessandro Manzetti, Tim Waggoner, Sara Tantlinger, John McIveen, Nicholas Kaufmann, Pete Kahle, Curtis M. Lawson, Christa Carmen, Brett J. Talley, John Palisano, Richard Chizmar, John R. Little, Stephanie Wytovich, Hunter Shea, Richard Thomas, Evans Light, David Price, and  Stephen King.

Yes, I'm in the middle of that list somewhere, for my story, "Hush, Little Baby."

Going live on Amazon November 15, 2020―that's just in time for Christmas, y'all―all proceeds will go toward the American Transplant Foundation

Buy someone a gift or treat yourself; either way, you're doing something to help people who need it.

Frank would be proud.

Grab it Now:

The crew of the Ravager thought they were on top of the world, taking what they wanted and burning the rest―even the Royal Navy couldn't stop them.

Then they met the tribe.
Then they found the fog.
And in the fog they couldn't see what was coming until it was far too late.

Red Blood, White Wood, a standalone not-so-short story, available now in the Kindle store for just 99 cents!

Beware the fog.

Let us tell you a story!

Books & Boos Press recently released Triplicity: The Terror Project, Volume 1 as an audio production, read for you by Mark Rossman, available now on Audible and Amazon!

Now you can have your horror:

  • While you drive
  • While you walk.
  • While you work.

Just click on the image, buy the audiobook, download, and go.

Oh, don't forget the most important part: Enjoy!

Still filed under New Releases:


The New England Horror Writers' Wicked anthology series continues, this time with Wicked Weird.

More than twenty stories of fallen gods and elder gods (and just a few things in-between), and the traces and footprints they leave in this world, including my short, "Pet Shop of the Gods."

The gods have pets? you say.

Not exactly, I say.

But you'll have to buy the book to read the rest―so grab your copy now, before it grabs you!

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I'm in the process of giving the site an overhaulin between writing, editing, and working a day job (yep, in that order). Please bear with me.

Navigation menus may change. Sidebars will change. Things will be updated. Some stuff will be added. Some stuff will disappear.

Come on back every once in a while and check out the progress. I'd love to have you.

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