I write character-driven dark fiction.
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Greetings and salutations, readers and writers! My name is Rob Smales, and this is my website; a place for stories to be told and talked about, and for me to occasionally pat myself on the back for getting something published. 

Coming soon: Friends in High Places!
(And it looks like this!)

Coming to you September 25, from Bloodshot Books, I'm all kinds of happy to announce my new novella, Friends in High Places, the coming-of-age tale of a teen hazing gone horribly awry and the silent, creeping horror that follows.

When I made my original announcement a month ago, the cover was still in production. Just the other night, Pete Kahle cracked the doors over at that Wonkaesque book factory he calls Bloodshot and revealed this cover to the public!

With original art by Lynne Hansen, this little baby will be making its public debut at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival!

And if you like the art, Lynne will be releasing a signed, numbered, limited edition print—and I've already got dibs on #1.

Looks good, doesn't it?


Rolling right at you out of Books & Boos Press, is a brand new horror/humor anthology titled A Sharp Stick in the Eye (And Other Funny Stories), edited by yours truly!

With stories of the ghastly-giggle-inducing variety from fourteen different authors, including an original tale from the great Jeff Strand, the editor (that's me!) has been quoted as saying:

"Stick in the Eye was insanely fun to compile, a barrel of laughs to edit--by God, it's a shitload more fun than a sharp stick in the eye!"


In other news . . .

I recently sent a signed contract back to Limitless Publishing for the sale of my not-so-short story "The Biggest Little Show on Earth" for their Carnival of Nightmares anthology, due out mid October of this year.

Yes, I feel pretty good about this. :D

Let us tell you a story!

Books & Boos Press recently released Triplicity: The Terror Project, Volume 1 as an audio production, read for you by Mark Rossman, available now on Audible and Amazon!

Now you can have your horror:

  • While you drive
  • While you walk.
  • While you work.

Just click on the image, buy the audiobook, download, and go.

Oh, don't forget the most important part: Enjoy!

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Come on back every once in a while and check out the progress. I'd love to have you.

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